Whether you're planning a wedding, large event , or a small party, LT Rental Services, Inc. has what you need to make it a one-of-a-kind experience. LT Rental Services, Inc. has served Western NY for over 25 years, so let us make your next event a huge success!


A true testament to the ability of LT Rental Services, Inc. to rise to the occasion (and to the versatility of our frame tents) was when we filled Xerox Square with tents for a corporate affair. The challenge was to create as much covered space as possible and to incorporate covered walkways into the main area while working around a number of obstacles. These obstacles included light poles, two sets of stairs, low ceilings, a large statue... and a limited time frame to install and dismantle everything. 
Working into the night, we utilized our 40x90 and 30x90 frame tents to cover a majority of the main area. The statue made for a wonderful décor enhancement within the impressive 40x90 tent. To extend the main area, we created walkways around the light poles that led into 16x72, 20x50 and 20x40 frame tents. Two walkways, one 9x80 and one 9x110, led the guests up the stairs and into either side of the main area. Sometime after midnight the entire structure was enclosed with our cathedral sidewall and several hundred feet of rain gutter was used where the tents were joined together. By late afternoon the following day, the successful event was complete and all the items were removed without a trace.


For 20 years, the Town of Irondequoit rents the largest tent in the Northeast — from us! The tent is 120x340 and can accommodate over 5,000 people. Over the course of two months each year, the town hosts a variety of events. We supply 900 pieces of flooring, tables, chairs, stages and pipe n drape. This is a truly awesome tent! Due to the duration of the event, our field staff is on 24-hour call and regularly inspects the tent to ensure events go off without a hitch. We grew along with the town, and decades later we're both proud to offer the largest open space under a tent in the Northeast.

Creation Festival

Every year, we go to Pennsylvania and set up over 30 tents for the Creation Festival. Due to the size and complexity of the outdoor festival that attracts over 40,000 people, our different styles of tents and design flexibility make us the best choice. We supply a large, 80-wide tent as well as 40-wides, 30-wides, High Peaks, and a large assortment of other frame tents.
Range of different size tent for an event in Webster, NY

Buffalo Bill's Training Camp

Every year we prepare Buffalo Bill's Training Camp at St. John Fisher College. LT Rental Services, Inc. supplies a variety of tents and bleachers — from cook tents, VIP tents, vender tents, table, chairs, to fencing. LT Rental Services, Inc. is able to supply all of their needs, year after year.

Ryder Cup

How do you arrange an intimate dining experience for 1,000 people? For the Ryder Cup held at the Genesee Country Museum, we provided an impressive 80x280 tent for the main dining area. We complemented it with connecting 40x40 and 40x80 frame tents, walkways to additional 80x60 and 60x40 tents located behind the main tent, and connecting covered walkways to everything. Whatever the size of the event, we can build a tent to fit the function.

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